Peanut Nut Butter Alternatives

Nut Butter Squares

Nut butters give us a variety of nuts to chose from and helps those with peanut allergies enjoy what is sometimes (in my opinion) better than peanut butter. Any nut can be easily made into buttery paste.

There also other butters butters that are not in the nut family that work incredibly well as healthy options. One is sunflower seed butter. The second is soy nut butter.

Almond                    Made from raw or roasted almonds

Cashew                    Made from raw or roasted cashews

Hazel                       Made from hazelnuts

Soy "nut"                   Made from soy beans           

Sunflower seed          Made from sunflower seeds

Sesame seed              Know as tahani, made from toasted


Serving size is typically one tablespoon. Any of these plant butters can be used for baking or in any recipes that uses peanut butter. Add them to cookie, pudding, Thai recipes, fruit salads, smoothies and of course the "PB&J" sandwich. Most of these butters can be purchased at a health food or natural foods market. Easy recipes for these and other nut butters can be found at a site called

A food processor and an occasional everyday ingredient  from your pantry is all that will be needed to make any nut into a creamy paste consistency.

Benefit of Nut Butter

  • Enjoy 2 to 6 grams of protein depending on the type of nut you choose
  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids, some vitamins and minerals
  • Travels well

Note of caution:

Nut allergies normally include all nuts. See your health care provider if you want to try these other nut products.



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