Ingredient Substitutes

Ingredient substitutes helps reduce fat, calories, cholesterol, adds fiber and improves overall health. Being able to replace ingredients makes eating healthier much easier. Here we address Milk, Eggs, Cheese and Sugar.

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Peanut Butter

Other Healthy Ingredients Descriptions

Substituting Recipes with Healthier Ingredients

There is a wonderful world of healthy substitutes that can be used to replace traditional ingredients. As we do this, we drastically reduce the fat content of our recipes, which makes them heart-healthy and cholesterol free. We also reduce calories and eliminate many of the items that cause allergies. And if that weren't enough, weight loss is possible without giving up many of your favorite dishes because of these substitutes. Some forbidden foods are possible if certain ingredients are replaced. This can be accomplished by using our healthy recipe tips.

There are many other healthy pantry items that can replace existing go-to pantry staples. In my book the Seven Disciplines of Wellness, Discipline Seven is Eat and Drink Real Food. In doing so, it is important that we keep the ingredient list small and that the nonfood items are eventually eliminated.

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"Some forbidden foods are possible if certain ingredients are replaced"