Healthy Recipe Tips

Healthy Recipe Tips give you ideas for making your recipe the healthiest possible while maintaining taste, texture and appearance for a good food experience.

Healthy Recipe Tips

Substituting with Healthier Ingredients

There could be healthier cooking methods that enhance the flavor of an exciting family recipe. Here are some examples:

  • Brown rice is recommended over white rice. Why? With brown rice all nutrients are in tact and the body slowly absorbs it. It is unlike white rice which is stripped and polished, converts to sugar (from starch), and is quickly dumped into the blood stream. Brown rice can be sautéed with onion and/or garlic before adding water. This will help push flavor into the rice, making it more flavorful.
  • Sauté using a tablespoon (or more) of water instead of oil. You could also add 1/2 teaspoon of Braggs Liquid Aminos® (see Healthy Ingredient Glossary). You will not miss it!

Natural Sweeteners

There are many sweeteners that can be used to replace refine sugar or high fructose corn syrup. The range is from raisins to agave nectar Read more

Milk Substitutes

For 1 cup of milk, use 1 cup of the following. Use wherever milk is called for. The best way to choose one of these plant-based milks is to experiment with them. Read more ...

Egg Substitutes

There are many healthy egg replacements that help us avoid excess saturated fat and cholesterol. read more ... 

Cheese Substitutes

Cheese substitutes are available n many cheese flavors, like cheddar, Parmesan and American. Made from soybeans, rice and almonds, read more ...

There is a wonderful world of healthy substitutes that can be used to replace traditional ingredients. As we do this, we drastically reduce the fat content of our recipes, which makes them heart-healthy and cholesterol free. We also reduce calories and eliminate many of the items that cause allergies. And if that weren't enough, weight loss is possible without giving up many of your favorite dishes because of these substitutes. Some forbidden foods are possible if certain ingredients are replaced. This can be accomplished by using our healthy recipe tips.

The How-TOs for Using Healthy Recipes and Food

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 Healthy Recipe Tips

Ingredient Glossary

"Some forbidden foods are possible if certain ingredients are replaced"