Nutty Fruit Salad

with protein

Nutty Fruit Salad with protein is easy and a great one dish healthy breakfast or snack. Quick and easy but it taste so good and flavorful. It is sure to lift you out of the boredom of breakfast and snacks. 

These five ingredients when combined will make you feel energetic and satisfied. Perfect for those in a weight-reduction mode. Costs pennies to make.

The complex flavors include a sour taste from the Granny Smith apple, with the very sweet taste of raisins with a hint of citrus from the orange juice. There is the creaminiess from the banana and the rich heartiness of the nut butter. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein (nut butter) ... in one bowl.

Nutty Fruit Salad Recipe


Nutty fruit salad 

1 medium Granny Smith apple chopped

1/2 ripe banana sliced then halved 

1-Tbsp of raisins

1/2 orange

2-Tsp nut or seed butter

1ripen mango in small chucks (in seasonal - optional)


In a medium bowl, combine apple and banana. Immediately squeeze the orange juice over the apple and banana. Lightly mix making sure that each piece is coated. Add raisins. Add nut butter. Using two spoons gently fold the butter into the fruit mixture until well mixed. Serve. Makes one large serving or two smaller servings. 


  • Add a dash cinnamon and chopped walnuts for heartier salad during fall/winter or 
  • Add small chucks of ripe mango for late spring and summer recipes

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