Nondairy Cheese

Nondairy cheeses

Nondairy cheese has made a major impact in the food industry as a low fat, low cholesterol alternative. Many people who are allergic to dairy have been able to enjoy a comfort food that they thought would not ever be possible again. These are not cheese as you remember it, but they are a must try for those of us who need to transition to a low fat, healthier alternative. Try them all in order to get the one that works for you.

These healthy substitute cheese-like spreads not only help reduce fat, calories, cholesterol, but they also taste good.  Other substitutes of interests include milk, eggs, and sugar

Nondairy cheeses come from a variety of sources include, plants, grains, beans.

Types of Nondairy Cheeses








Soy beans

Almond, Cashew

Nutritional Yeast

Cheese substitutes are available in many of the traditional cheese flavors, like cheddar, Parmesan and American, Jack and Mozzarella. They are blocked, shredded and sliced.

The most prevalent of these alternatives is soy cheese. You can find it located near the produce section of major grocery store chains. If not you could ask the store manager to order it for you. Soon after it hits the shelf many other customers will begin to purchase it as well. Another note about soy cheese; some of them still contain a small about of milk protein called casein. If you have an milk allergy or have a vegan diet you should look for the word "vegan" on the package.

The cashew cheese is more difficult to find in stores so I have included a link to a site called Food52 for their delicious cashew cheese recipe. Also the nutritional yeast option, which is loaded with B-vitamins, makes a great sauce that can be made in advance (see our Golden Sauce recipe). It will also be difficult to purchase.

There is a wonderful world of healthy substitutes that can be used to replace traditional ingredients. As we do this, we drastically reduce the fat content of our recipes, which makes them heart-healthy and cholesterol free. We also reduce calories and eliminate many of the items that cause allergies. And if that weren't enough, weight loss is possible without giving up many of your favorite dishes because of these substitutes. Some forbidden foods are possible if certain ingredients are replaced. This can be accomplished by using our healthy recipe tips.

Golden sauce -  great on sandwiches, pasta, pizza, nachos and waffles!

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"Some forbidden foods are possible if certain ingredients are replaced"