Milk Substitutes

Milk substitutes are ideal for those who are allergic to dairy products. Made primarily from nuts or grains, they are low in fat and practically cholesterol free.

For 1 cup of milk, use 1 cup of the following. Use wherever milk is called for. The best way to choose one of these plant-based milks is to experiment with them. Every brand tastes a little differently.

Most of them are available in plain, vanilla, and chocolate flavors. Plain is best for cooking. Vanilla is good for baking, drinking by the glass or a warm mug full, cereals, and desserts. Chocolate is good for drinking cold or as a warm drink.

Heavier or thicker milks are soy, oat and hemp, giving more of the whole milk texture. Lighter milks, which are  thin like skim milk, would be the rice milks.

Soy milk                   Made from soy beans

Rice milk                  Made from brown rice

Almond milk             Made from raw almonds

Coconut milk            Made from the meat of the coconut

Oatmeal milk            Made from whole oats            

Hemp milk                Made from hemp seeds

How are these milk substitutes used?

Any of these plant milks can be used for baking or other recipes. Add them to smoothies, pudding, cereal or drink by the glass. In most brands there is a plain or original flavor, vanilla and some have chocolate flavors.

Note of caution:

These plant milks are not recommend as infant formulas and can cause severe nutritional  deficiencies, according to a research report by PubMed 

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