Egg Replacements

Various Egg Replacers

Egg Replacements  have made a major impact in the food industry as a low fat, low cholesterol alternative. Many people who are allergic to eggs have been able to enjoy  baked goods.

These egg replacements not only help people with allergies to eggs, they also help reduce fat, calories, and cholesterol. And they also taste good.  Other substitutes of interests include milk, cheese, and sugar

Let me manage your expectations. There is no know replacement for a hard boiled egg (sorry)! However, there is a nice alternative option for scrambled eggs, which is the scrambled tofu recipe we have provided.

Egg replacements come from a variety of sources including, plants, grains, and beans.

Types of Egg Replacements




White Potato

Flax Seed

Ener-G Egg Replacer

 1/4 cup of soft tofu (smooth with a food processor)

1/2 banana. Use for smoothies and desserts.

3 tbsp. of apple sauce. Use for baking or and for other sweet recipes.

1/2 small boiled potato. Use for burgers and loafs.

3 tbsp. ground mixed with enough water to make creamy.

A plant-based mixture that mimics what eggs do in a baking recipe. It cannot be scrambled.

There are three of these replacements that provide additional nutrients that are known to be of benefit. Tofu derived from soybeans provides additional protein to your recipe. Using banana will provide additional potassium, which is a sought after mineral for heart health, according to WebMD.  It also good for those who take certain medications which can deplete potassium.

Tofu which is made from soybeans, gives us additional protein. One half cup packs approximately 10 grams of protein. Flax Seed another known heart healthy food is rich in Omega-3s essential fatty acids and fiber.

Substituting Recipes with Healthier Ingredients

There is a wonderful world of healthy substitutes that can be used to replace traditional ingredients. As we do this, we drastically reduce the fat content of our recipes, which makes them heart-healthy and cholesterol free. We also reduce calories and eliminate many of the items that cause allergies. And if that weren't enough, weight loss is possible without giving up many of your favorite dishes because of these substitutes. Some forbidden foods are possible if certain ingredients are replaced. This can be accomplished by using all of our healthy recipe tips.


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"Some forbidden foods are possible if certain ingredients are replaced"