Coconut Water Lemonade

Coconut Water Lemonade is the easiest full bodied, refreshing health drink of the ages. (page down for recipe)

I stumbled on this great drink one day as I was making a snack. The plan was to have a small portion of a bean burrito, a few blue nacho chips and coconut water minutes later to hydrate myself.

I ate the burrito and decided to pour the coconut water into a glass. I remembered that I had planned to have lemon water sometime that day so I squeezed the lemon and added it to the glass. I thought of rounding out the flavor with a little agava nectar which is a natural sweetener. I had a sip and could not believe how wonderful and satisfying it was. I could actually feel my body being rehydrated and energized.

I changed my mind about the nacho chips and was delighted to have such a wonderful healthy drink while saving calories.

Coconut Water Lemonade Recipe


1 small lemon (juiced) 

8 oz of Coconut Water

1-2 tsp of raw agave nectar, maple syrup or other natural sweetener


In a large glass, pour lemon juice.

Add agave nectar

Pour coconut water into the glass and stir well.

Makes 1 serving. May be chilled slightly.

Benefits of Coconut Water 

  • contains a sodium/potassium combination and other electrolytes
  • can be used as a sports drink and has less sugar
  • great for preventing dehydration
  • low fat, low cholesterol, low calories
  • boost energy levels
  • It said to help lower blood pressure

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