Coconut Water Smoothie

Coconut Water smoothies are great alternative to the milk or yogurt based smoothies. It is the easiest full bodied, refreshing health drink of the ages.

The filminess of coconut water and the banana (especially if frozen) helps provide the thickness we expect from a smoothie while reducing the fat from milk and avoiding the  allergies to soy or almond milk, which are often the dairy alternatives. So it is a clean smoothie. This recipe does not add a sweetener, however a natural sweetener could be added.

For a person who is in need of sources of potassium in their diet, this is a easy healthy beverage to add to your weekly if not daily diet. Coconut water is great for re-hydrating the body and has become the natural drink of choice for many as opposed to other more historically popular sports drinks.

It helps restore the electrolytes and re-hydrates the body.

Coconut Water Smoothie Recipe


4 large chucks of mango

4 large strawberries (frozen ok)

1/2 ripe banana (frozen ok)

4 to 6 oz of Coconut Water


In a blender or bullet processor:

Add all ingredients and blend until smooth.

Pour in a  glass or mug.

Add agave nectar if desired.

Pour coconut water into the glass and stir well.

Makes 1 serving.


1 tsp of raw agave nectar, maple syrup or other natural sweetener

Add 15 raisins or 1 pitted medjool date

Benefits of Coconut Water 

  • contains a sodium/potassium combination and other electrolytes
  • can be used as a sports drink and has less sugar
  • great for preventing dehydration
  • low fat, low cholesterol, low calories
  • boost energy levels
  • It said to help lower blood pressure


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