Cheap Gifts - Healthy Food under $10

Cheap gifts with quality can be symbols of your love. You can make a big splash with these low-cost gifts. Put a lot of love and creativity in the presentation. Packaging is key.  Use nice bows and wrap.

Help the environment by reusing newspapers or paper bags as gift-wrap. Alternatively, stores like Walmart have a great selection of recycled gift bags in nontraditional greens, reds, and browns. If bags are used, don’t forget the tissue paper (any color)!

Here is a list of items to consider that are priced under $10 in local stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods (or other natural foods stores), Marshall's, WalMart, and Target.

Healthy Food Gifts under $10

  1. Non-alcoholic sparkling anything - Should be fruit juice sweetened.
  2. Extra virgin olive oil in a unique bottle Hint: Start at Sam's Club.
  3. Roasted sesame oil - Hint: Start at Trader Joe's.
  4. Vegan dark chocolate (no additives) - Less fat than milk chocolate.
  5. Assortment box of herbal or green teas - Encourage less sodas.
  6. Carob or yogurt-covered almonds - Protein snack.
  7. Cashew or almond butter - More digestible than peanuts.
  8. Small basket of energy bars - Read labels for low-sugar versions.
  9. Jar of sundried-tomatoes in olive oil - Pops pasta or salad—any recipe!
  10. Jar of mango salsa - Refreshing change of taste.
  11. Jar of roasted barley (a coffee alternative) - Introduce the idea of reducing coffee intake.
  12. Homemade ginger cookies [healthy recipe].

Cheap Gifts
Tools for the Healthy Kitchen under $10

The right tools make all the difference

  1. Stainless steel steamer - Microwave alternative for heating up leftovers.
  2. Garlic press - Encourage using less salt.
  3. Carrot peeler - Great tool for potatoes also.
  4. Aromatic candle made from soy - Nontoxic.
  5. Parchment paper - A real baker will love you! 
  6. Apple slicer - Makes fruit fancier. 
  7. Mini thermos - Brown bag necessity.
  8. Chopsticks - Promotes slow eating.
  9. Grocery notepad - Encourage planning.
  10. Recipe cards - If recipe is a hit, document.
  11. Brightly colored apron - Brings energy!
  12. Brightly colored trivet or pot holder - Brings energy!

Gift tokens are great! It is the thought that counts. However, the ultimate gift you can give is a healthy you! What you bring to the world and to those who love and depend upon you is irreplaceable. This health gift is the gift that keeps on giving!

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