Travel Pantry

Include Food in Your Travel Bags

A travel pantry consist of those healthy food items that cannot be easily acquired during travel.

Depending on how long you plan to be on travel and your mode of transportation, your travel pantry will vary in side. For example note the following compartments:

Air  & Train Travel

 Use a portion of your carry on bag. For checked bags use a section of a suitcase. A plastic bag to keep things organized and protects your clothing from spills and leaks. You might also use a shoe box or lightweight plastic container which works well for storage of your items during your stay away from home.


A section of a suitcase.

Auto Travel

Cold Storage Container

Room Temperature Storage Container

These items will come in handy and reduce the number of stops for snacks and food, saving you time and money.

Campers & RVs

Nap sack, cold storage and room temperature storage

The purpose of the travel pantry is to provide continued access to those items that are hard (sometimes impossible) to come by when you are away from home.

Travel Pantry Ideas

Braggs Liquid Aminos

4oz spray bottle, use for rice and other grains, cooked vegetables

Energy Bars & Supplements

Protein bars, Protein/Carb/Fat Combo

Green powder or capsules (cereal grasses like barley, wheat grass, chlorophyll and spirulina) to supplement salad and vegetable intake.

Probiotic - for healthy digestion and immunity. Helps prevent diarrhea and

Fruit & Veggies

1 or 2 pieces of fresh fruit (apples & oranges travel well)

Raisins - easy fruit, snack, makes salads more flavorful

Apple sauce - single servings

Sun-dried tomatoes - add to salads, pasta dishes and more


Raw Nuts

Trail Mix

Nut Butter - Peanut, Almond, or Sun flower Seed

Single servings of Almond or Soy milk

Single servings  of plain coconut water


Rice Cakes or whole grain crackers

precooked and vacuum sealed rice or Success boil bags

Small containers of rice milk

Multi-grain muffin or bagel

Cooler Storage

non milk cheese

low sugar soy or coconut yogurt

non-hydrogenated (butter-like) spread

salad dressing

Humus (bean dip)

baby carrots or other chopped vegetables

The key is to plan. Just like planning the clothes, toiletries, books, electronics and must haves, as healthy eaters we must give some thought to want is needed to support our lifestyle.

Pantry includes cupboards, closet, refrigerator, freezer or any place where food is stored.

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Travel Remedies

Pro biotic Pills or Caps

Digestive Enzymes

Energy-C Immune Booster

Nux Vomica

Chamomile Tea

Treats diarrhea, helps maintain healthy intestinal flora and overall  immunity 

Helps support digestion

Vitamin-C packets that dissolves in water. Even kids like them. Many fruit flavors.

A all natural homeopathic remedy that helps with nausea, dizziness,  and motion sickness.

Calming properties, helps relax, aids in digestion and also helps with diarrhea.


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