Black Bean Dip

This black bean dip is easy and delicious! Simply add 3 ingredients and serve! We started with the hearty black bean soup [recipe].  We reduced the beans into a creamy texture and added the other ingredients.

Black bean dip with melted cheese and salsa

Black Bean Dip


2 cups of black bean soup or 2 cups of low sodium black beans

1/2 cup or more of spicy salsa

1/2 cup or more of soy or rice cheese, grated

1 tsp scallions (optional)


May be heated in the oven melt cheese and warm the chips a bit. However the dip is warm and should provide enough warmth to this dish.

Caution - use ovenproof bowls.


In a saucepan warm beans. Do not boil. Drain but save the liquid.

Place beans in a food processor or blender

Add salsa and blend to desired thickness.

Add a small amount liquid to adjust thickness.

Place in a large bowl or several smaller bowls for single servings.

Top with cheese and nacho chips and serve.

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