Avocado Dip

Missing the fat from unhealthy food? Try this good fat and get the full feeling using avocado and salsa!

This avocado dip is one of the quick recipes you can count on for a source of good fat and flavor. The red from the salsa eliminates the green that makes it difficult for transitional eaters who have previously avoided anything green. It can be spicy and provides the full feeling because of the rich healthy fat content. Monounsaturated fat is the healthy fat that helps lower bad cholesterol and promotes heart-healthy eating.

It is important that we see everything we eat as a food that helps us reach our nutrition goals. Each calorie should be nutrient dense and not empty from things like refine sugar or white flour products (also referred to as "simple carbs"). If we see every snack as a healthy "little meal", than you can easily appreciate this avocado dip, which can be used to replace mayonnaise or salad dressing on a sandwich, wrap or pita pocket.

The Medical News Today in a recent article about the health benefits of an avocado provided the following nutritional breakdown:

Protein - Approximately 4 grams of protein

Sugar - Very low. Contains approximately 0.4 g of sugar.

Vitamins and minerals - Excellent source of potassium. Contains more potassium than bananas. Also contains good amounts of vitamin K, Vitamin B9, vitamin B6, vitamin B5 vitamin C, and vitamin E.2

Dietary fiber - a medium avocado contains 11 grams of fiber.

Also mention was a study published in the Nutrition Journal that concluded that "avocado consumption is associated with improved overall diet quality, nutrient intake, and reduced risk of metabolic syndrome." The study also found that people who eat avocados were less likely to me overweight.

Avocado Dip Recipe


1 ripe avocado

1/4-1/2 cup of medium salsa

16 tortilla chips (or more)


cut avocado in half, remove the pit (do not discard).

Remove the avocado with a spoon and place in a bowl or blender, bullet or food processor.

Pour salsa into the bowl and blend until smooth.

Place in a serving bowl and place the pit in the center of the dip.

Serves 2


Avocados may reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, and coronary artery disease

Do avocados have to be organically grown in order to be healthy? No, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Avocado is on this groups "clean fifteen" list of produce that are considered safe with a minimal amount of pesticides found in the conventional group.

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